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Individuals & Families

We develop a comprehensive plan with each client that caters to your needs

We develop a comprehensive plan with each client that caters to your needs

We analyze each clients’ financial situation to minimize tax liabilities and maximize cash flow

We are a meeting, call, or email away from advising you in your day-to-day decisions and life changes

Individuals & Families

​Small Business Owners

We offer a full range of tax preparation services for closely-held businesses. As a provider of these services for 49 years, here in lower Westchester County, New York our breadth of experience lends well to a broad range of clientele.


We are looking to grow our practice with our clients through a relationship built on trust. We trust one another in respecting how we conduct our business and through the advice we give. Understanding the nature of those responsibilities is essential to building confidence with each other.


We offer comprehensive tax services and planning for upcoming returns and will work with you to plan to maximize qualified deductions and credit opportunities. We are available throughout the year to assist with questions clients bring forth to address circumstances that arise.

We are adept in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual sales tax returns and the maintenance of books and records to support the returns filed and which reconcile to related business tax returns. Sales tax liability is taxed on gross sales and therefore can be a company’s largest liability. We implement procedures tailored to your business which ensures the proper reconciliation of sales tax reporting to sales per financial statements and tax returns.

Although we cannot legally form the entity for you with the corporate bylaws, we can advise on the best entity structure based from your operational, financial and business objectives and assist with the state filings and elections.


Compilation & Review reports are required when using financial statements for third parties. A Compilation is the lowest level of financial reporting provided by CPA’s which basically takes financial information provided by the clients, presenting them in the form of financial statements. Usually, compiled financial statements are prepared without notes to financial statements (disclosures).


A Review subjects financial information to inquiry and analytical procedures enabling the CPA to issue a limited level of assurance on the financial statements. Our firm does not provide audited financial statements. Reviewed financial statements include full disclosures and the statement of cash flows.


Attest services are provided by Keith Boyer Certified Public Accountant, LLC.

We partner closely with premier payroll service companies which help us facilitate weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or annual payrolls to provide our clients which the most cost-effective solution. We often serve as the liaison between the client and the payroll service.

Wealth Preservation

We guide you through understanding what tax filings are needed as well as reporting to beneficiaries.  The trust documents are the basis for tax reporting.  Therefore we require these documents when entering into an engagement.


Estate Tax Preparation including preparation of complete accounting.  The accounting of the estate is the basis for the distribution of assets to heirs.  As such every estate tax return begins with the accounting, tracing the assets as of the date of death to the date of distribution.  Our software produces reports suitable for the surrogate’s court.

We work closely with other professionals in structuring estate plans.  Our role usually entails the annual tax preparation including Gift Taxes.  In our year’s of experience we have worked with attorneys, qualified valuation analysts and others to assist in the transfer of wealth and protecting family assets.

With 38 years’ experience, we have quarterbacked several succession plans for our clients, enabling them to move assets to the next generation or to retire, while minimizing tax consequences and providing the framework and substantiation of value to support the underlying documents.

Wealth Preservation

Bookkeeping Services

We use and integrate the latest cloud-based applications for the most effective and efficient bookkeeping experience. Some clients require weekly, monthly or quarterly attention all which we can accommodate.

Our process for recording transactions in the general ledger ensures that your income statement and balance sheet are accurate and current so you can track revenues and expenses to make well-rounded business decisions.

Reconciling your business checking account each month is critical in keeping your business finances current and up to date. This will help you manage cash more effectively and potentially identify lost checks, deposits or unjustified transaction charges.

IRS & State/Local Representation

In the unlikely event of a tax examination we are prepared to defend returns we have prepared.  The procedures we utilize in the tax preparation process, facilitate a rapid response and fact gathering process to substantiate the issues under examination.

We have extensive experience defending clients in New York State and Connecticut Sales and Use Tax Audits.  That experience is incorporated to every sales tax return prepared in the ordinary course of business.  We understand the exposure to these liabilities and as such these procedures ensure the client is aware of the issues when initiating transactions for sales and/or services.

Notices from federal, state and local taxing authorities are inevitable.  Most of the correspondence received by our clients pertains to discrepancies in payment reported, or we were not provided with a tax reporting document.  We are consistently successful in resolving notices with a full understanding of the issues.

When contemplating a change in residency we are available for consultation. Across the United States taxation varies from state to state as to taxation of Social Security, pensions, and capital gains, not to mention the rates.  We can therefore assist in gaining a clear understanding thereof.


Residency Changes present challenging preparation issues.  Our extensive experience therein, provides the basis for the tax computation and defense of the income apportionment.  

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